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Osteopathic Clinic
Total Care Osteopathic Clinic
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It's not just your back
It’s not Just your back!

When most people think of an osteopath, they think of bad backs and spinal manipulation.  


Osteopaths provide Total Body Care from soft tissues such as muscles through to joints and most importantly your skeleton.

What We Offer

Pain can be transmitted from one part of your body to another, destroying your sense of well being and impacting upon your way of life.


At Total Body Care we will quickly and easily assess your injury and diagnose its cause, providing you with expert treatment

The pain can come at you from almost anywhere, old injuries, strains, poor posture or repetitive actions can destroy your sense of well being and make every day a grind.  

Osteoporosis Specialists:

Osteopathy is a modern form of healthcare that involves highly skilled diagnosis and treatment, supported by practical lifestyle advice to enable patients to maintain their optimum physical health.

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Medication only masks the symptoms and whilst that may be appropriate in circumstances where no other alternative is available, we aim to get to the root of the problem and through treatment and advice get you back to the way you were before you needed pain killers.

Osteoporosis Specialist Care More Details Here.

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Adfer Medical Group

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