What To Expect

When you attend the clinic you will be asked a number of question about your complaint and your past medical history, this is used to give us a better understanding on why you are in pain. We will do a full examination using evidence based techniques to aid us in forming a diagnosis. please be aware that some parts of clothing may need to be removed in order for us to properly examine you. Once we are happy we understand why you are in pain, a diagnosis will be explained to you with an explanation of the best way forward to get you back to normal health. Treatment will include giving you as much advice as possible to speed up the recovery process.

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Types Of Treatment

The Osteopaths at pain experts use a variety of hands on manipulative techniques to treat muscular and joint problems. This includes soft tissue techniques, joint mobilisation and high velocity thrust techniques to improve the range of movement of a joint. Gentle techniques are often used when treating older patients' and children. We give our patients' as much information as possible on the best ways to manage and treat their injuries to ensure that they see us as least amount of visits as possible.

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First consultation £40 Returning Patients £30 Children under 16 £25 Please not that any children attending the clinic must be accompanied by an adult.

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What Do We Treat

Back pain | Headaches | Neck pain | Repetitive strain injury | Postural problems caused by driving or work strain | Arthritic pain | sports injuries | shoulder and arm pain | pelvis, hip and leg problems | Sciatica

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